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Building standards of manufactured homes are high since the home is designed to be placed on a flatbed truck and shipped to the lot which they will be placed. In some cases, the homes are even moved more than once, so the structural integrity is paramount to ensure that the moves are smooth. The steel frame that manufactured homes are built on make them ultra-strong and able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Manufactured homes are designed with fire safety in mind. They offer smoke detectors, wall lining that don’t promote fire spread and more modern, above code features to help with family safety in the event of a fire. All of our homes have at least two doors, providing exits in the case of emergency. While a fire is a rare occurrence, you can be confident that your family is as safe in a manufactured home as a traditional home.

Manufactured homes are held to much higher standards than mobile homes of the past. You’ll find a CSA approved sticker in all of our homes. All of our homes meet or exceed codes and standards set by federal and provincial governments. All of our homes are Intertek approved. Intertek is the global authority on quality and safety for products and systems. Our homes undergo testing and certification and through inspection and auditing. Rest assured, the homes we build are safe.

Best Buy Homes standard features include safety features such as C02 detectors, and GFI protected recepts in bathroom and kitchen. We understand that safety for you and your family is paramount. We stand behind the products we sell and ensure that quality and safety are parts of the homes we sell.