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Best Buy Homes is proud to be the owners of our own trucking company, SG Trucking, capable of delivering our homes across Western Canada. With 9 trucks and over 50 years of experience delivering homes we able to take the extra care to make sure your home arrives quickly and safely. If you visit one of our lots and choose to purchase one of our show homes, we will package up your home and safely secure all components. The home is then loaded on to a specially designed flatbed truck. We take care of all of the details of the trip.

If you order a custom option from the factory the process is similar to purchasing a show home, but the home originates in a different location. It is also not “unpacked” the same way that a show home when it is on display.

Shipping is included in the price of all of our retail homes, generally within 200 miles of our sales lot. Special accommodations can be made for distances beyond 200 miles. We plan the route and confirm the delivery time and date. The home travels on the flatbed truck with a team of pilot drivers. All permits and road requirements are met by Best Buy Homes before the trip begins. This is a process that we have fine-tuned with years of experience.

Once the home arrives at our client’s location, we offload the truck onto the pilings or foundation via special craning technique. This process ensures a safe and soft placement of your home.

It is not uncommon for homes to arrive with minor cosmetic damage, such as cracks in the interior walls. This is due to the long journey the home completes on its way to you. No need to worry, we take care of these imperfections onsite.

Interested in more specific details of the home move? Contact us and we’ll be happy to explain the step by step process.