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You may be wondering WHO should buy a manufactured home, and who will benefit from it the most. But, most importantly, is a manufactured home for YOU? Keep reading to find out the top five kinds of people who are perfect for manufactured homes. 

Do-It Yourselfer

Do you love a good project? We lay out all the groundwork and structural components to allow you to put your stamp on your home yourself. Get creative and make your home your own!

First Time Home Buyers

Are you tired of renting, but the cost to buy a home is too high? This is the solution! Modular homes we sell are typically a fraction of the price of the average stick built home. It isn’t too good to be true. You can have a brand new home starting at under $100,000 and put it on the land of your choice!

No Frills Clients

Are you someone who gets a rush by finding the best deal? Our homes are this unbelievable deal that you can brag to your friends about! Our homes are completely move in ready and an unbeatable value. You’re able to get our homes at a starting price, or build in extras to make your home the way you like it.

The Cottager

Do you prefer sitting on a porch lake front enjoying your morning coffee? Our homes make ideal cottages whether you need room for two or a big family. With year round as well as 3 season options, we can help you build a perfect package to suit your vacation needs. Since we have so many homes in stock, you can be enjoying your home within a week or two of buying it if you like!


Manufactured homes are not the mobile trailer homes they were in the past. They are now a super high quality, economical and customizable smart housing solution that works well for many types of buyer. We’d love to show you what we mean. Let’s talk about what we can do for you – set your appointment to talk to one of our home sales specialist today!