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Home design ranges from simple to extravagant, classic to modern and everything in between. One great tip for a super affordable way to change up the look of your room is to add an accent wall. An accent wall can be a wall painted a different colour that the rest of the room, have some fun features attached (wood, paneling, etc) or add something that catches your eye. Great accent walls can incorporate new materials and textures to really appeal to your eyes. Here are a few fun ways to make the walls in your manufactured home pop. Accent walls can also make the room appear larger and the ceilings higher.


Likely the cheapest option, painting also the most traditional way to change the look of a room. With such a huge range of colours to choose from people typically choose a colour linked to something in the room. This can be something as simple as matching a colour in your favourite blanket or pulling in the colour from the lake outside your window. Either way, walls are a blank canvas and you can get creative. The best part about paint? If you don’t like the final product it’s easy and cheap to change.


Wall decals are glorified stickers that are an inexpensive and easy way to add some design features in a room. Many websites online offer hundreds of designs that are quite affordable. This can also be a temporary or short term solution, which is great for people who like to change their minds.

Attach Material

A more permanent solution, attaching something to walls can add new dimensions to a room. Some great options include a textured material, PVC panels that come in many shapes and can be painted, faux stone or even wood! One great design we’ve seen included a client using round cuts of logs to create a large headboard that totally transformed the wall. Another great feature of attaching something to walls is that they can hide imperfections.

You spend so much time in your house, why not make it a place you look forward to coming home to?