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Factory built, manufactured homes are a greener alternative to traditional homes. They tend to be more energy efficient and are held to higher standards than other homes. Factory built homes lead the way in greener building techniques and environmentally friendly practices.


Building many houses a year in one centralized location allows for less material waste and improved craftsmanship. The engineers are on site and efficiency is much higher. There is also less noise pollution and land destruction from heavy equipment on the home’s site since everything is done in the factory before shipping. Materials are purchased in bulk and excess materials can be reused on other homes in the factory.


Since the insulation levels in all A-277 coded homes is so high, the home is very efficient and the use of the furnace is reduced. Due to the level of craftsmanship, manufactured homes are more air tight which reduces heat loss. All of our home boast water saving faucets and high efficiency furnaces and hot water tanks. All new homes include new, efficient appliances that improve every year. Windows are double pained allowing minimal heat loss. Often our clients don’t need to turn on their heat until well into the late fall, as the homes stay warm. Less energy use = less greenhouse gas.

Ideas to make your home even more energy efficient:

  1. Consider replacing incandescent bulbs with LED or compact florescent bulbs.
  2. Spray foam any spaces around pipes, ducts or wires that lead outside.
  3. Cover your air conditioner in the winter if you have one.

At Best Buy Homes we understand the importance of limiting our impact on the environment. We’d love to help you create your green home that will allow you to be confident that you are leaving a small footprint. Contact us to see how we can help you.