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Open Kitchen Shelving


Open kitchen shelving is the latest kitchen trend, however, there is a lot of controversy around whether it is practical, or just a passing trend. We believe that it is a great option especially for modular homeowners. Open shelving opens a room up, especially in small spaces. It can make a boring kitchen pop, and most importantly it allows you to add some personal touches!

One of the great things about open shelving is that it is easy to DIY, and can be added to just about every kitchen! You can add just a small section of open shelving, or you can replace all of your upper cabinets with them! It’s up to you! A lot of our homes already include open shelving if you’re not feeling very handy, you can check those out here.

Now for how to style them! Here are our 5 basic rules to styling open shelving.

1. Keep it simple. Open shelving is meant to open up a space, so resist the urge to pile everything on them! Start with empty shelves, and then slowly begin to put your items on them. This way you can tell when it starts to get too full! Also, make sure to keep it simple with the pieces you choose to put on your open shelving! Stay away from objects with heavy patterns or bright colours! This will make your shelves look far too busy!
2. Think about what you use daily. Open shelving should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also practical! Stacked cups, mugs, and plates are perfect items to include in your shelving! Other ideas include, salt and pepper, your kettle, or your wooden cutting board!
3. Invest in storage containers. Glass storage containers are the perfect addition to your shelving! They are beautiful and practical! You could put your coffee beans, spaghetti, sugar, flour, oatmeal or even your spices on your shelves and they would look beautiful, because let’s be honest, the packages they come in are not!
4. Keep a colour scheme in mind! The colour scheme of your home shouldn’t go out the window when it comes to your kitchen! Look for colour connections within your items and stick to those colours! Or, you could always just keep it neutral, which is a great option as well!
5. Mix it up! The best-styled shelves vary in textures, shapes and sizes to keep it interesting and to attract your eye! Try a few small plants, and photo frame, a basket, or a wooden cutting board! You can also stack or layer items.

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