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Here at Best Buy Homes, we sell both mobile and modular homes, however, we have begun to focus more on modular housing. You might be asking yourself, “All those words sound the same so, what’s the difference?” Well, we are about to tell you! So, let’s jump right in!

The short and simple answer is, they are built using different building codes. Manufactured/mobile homes are built to the CSA-240 Standard, and modular homes are built using the CSA A277 standard.

So what do those codes mean? Both mobile and modular homes are built in the same quality-controlled factory environment, they look similar, and the price is similar. This is why most people assume that they are the same thing! However, those two codes determine where each type of home can be located. Essentially, mobile/manufactured homes can only be located in mobile home park type locations. Whereas, modular homes can be located in most residential locations, modular homes tend to be higher quality, and no longer look like a home that could be found in a trailer park. They are simply a more efficient and more cost effective way to purchase and build your brand new home!

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