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There is so much pressure when trying to fill a large wall space, and how do you choose just one art piece, photo or canvas that you won’t get tired of, since usually a large art piece is an investment. That’s where gallery walls come in.

Gallery walls are one of the best and easiest, and most cost efficient ways to fill a wall in a beautiful way. They add interest, personality, and the best part? You can just switch items out when you get tired of them! Now, let’s get to five basic steps to follow when creating a gallery wall in your new modular home!

1. Pick your pieces. This is the fun part! You get to shop around and choose all of the pieces that will hang together on your wall! A great tip for this step is to remember that you can mix bought with found! Start by looking around your house for items you could add – like that picture frame you never had a place for, or items that are too small to hang by themselves, so they just ended up gathering dust. Then, fill in the spaces with items you buy specifically for your gallery wall!

2. Stick to a colour scheme. Make sure you stick to a colour scheme, or else it will end up appearing far too busy and cluttered! Try sticking to one or two accent colours, or keep it simple and go neutral! 

3. Add interest. Make sure to incorporate different shapes, sizes and textures, while still sticking to your colour scheme! This will make your gallery wall more exciting and aesthetically appealing. Try adding a clock, a mirror, a hanging plant, and different sized picture frames!

4. Lay it out. This step is important! Make sure to lay out your gallery wall on the floor first before hanging it up! This way you can play around with it and get the placement just right!  One your have the formation down, make sure to measure the length and height of the entire gallery wall, so that you can make sure it is centered when you hang it up!

5. Hang and enjoy! It’s time to get that gallery wall up! Once you have your measurements, mark the space that it will go on the wall to make sure that it will be centred, and then get hanging! A tip for this step is that many of your pieces will be smaller, so try hanging those small pieces with thumb tacks, since they will do less damage to your wall then nails will. Finally, enjoy your beautiful gallery wall! 

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