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Did you know that Best Buy Homes now carries Park Models? Our collection of park models is called “The Cabin Collection” and it is a series of tiny homes and cabins. Head here to see our entire collection of Park Models!

So what is a park model exactly? It is a unique Trailer type RV that is typically used as a cabin or a tiny home. Most of the time park models are used as a weekend getaway spot, as they are easy to transport, setup, but can also be a permanent option.

You may be wondering what the advantages of a park model would be compared to a regular modular home. They are smaller, and easier to transport, therefore making them more affordable and cost efficient. Though it can be a permanent option, is it also fairly easy for it to be moved, if you’d like to change destination locations.

Our park models may be small, but we definitely make the most of small spaces. You’ll be blown away by our use of storage and space in the cabins. Something else to note is that your cabin come completely furnished with stunning furniture! Can you believe it?!

As you can see, our Cabin Collection is gorgeous, stop by a Best Buy location today to tour our park models in person, or head to our cabin collection website here.