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All of Best Buy Homes have vinyl siding, we think vinyl siding is the best choice because it’s timeless, lightweight and super easy to clean. Here are a few simple tips to make sure you clean your vinyl properly, because after all it’s what’s inside that matters, but we all know that what’s outside matters too!

Generally, vinyl, metal or composite siding materials will not require refinishing. Metal and composite siding materials can be re-painted, vinyl siding cannot. Due to their smooth surface, these materials can be kept clean by washing with a garden hose, mild detergent and some light scrubbing. Never use a pressure washer to clean the vinyl siding. Excessive water pressure can cause damage to the surface of the siding and/or force water into the wall cavity.

Vinyl and metal siding materials are installed loosely to allow for expansion and contraction due to the variations in the outside temperature. Damaged or very loose siding should be replaced/refastened to prevent further damage to the siding and to prevent the entry of water into the wall cavity.

So, to summarize, wash your siding with a hose, you can scrub and use detergent if needed, but never wash it with a pressure washer, even though we know that’s the easiest and most fun route! But ruining your siding is not fun, so stick to your trusty garden hose, and your home will stay as beautiful as ever!

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