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If you’ve toured or own any of our cabins from our Canada Cabin Collection, then you know how cozy they already are, but here are a few ways to make your cabin even more welcoming.



  1. Add Sentimental Items

Adding décor that has meaning, a story, or is significant to you will help in making your cabin feel more homey and cozy, because you are surrounded by items that mean a lot to you.



  1. Add Cozy Rugs

Rugs are one of the best ways to make any space feel warm and cozy. Rugs add texture, interest, and a welcoming feeling.



  1. A Welcoming Porch

A comfy and welcoming porch is absolutely essential for any cabin. This is the space where you will enjoy the outdoors, have good chats snuggled under blankets, and make some of your best cabin memories. However, this space needs to be welcoming and cozy so that you and your guests will want to sit out there.



  1. Cooking Comfort Foods

Having snacks and yummy home cooked meals is the ultimate way to make your cabin feel cozy! What says ‘come on in’ like the smell of cookies in the air?


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  1. Use a Lighter Colour Palette

When people think of cabins they tend to think of dark colors with lots of wood accents, but dark colors aren’t actually the best choice when aiming for a cozy feel. Lighter coloured walls and décor add a softer feel to create a warmer atmosphere.


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