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Where do I put my manufactured home?


Some people come into Best Buy homes with a location or property that they know for sure their home will go. Others are interested in a manufactured home, but have no idea where they will put it, if that’s you, keep reading.

The good news is that there are many options as to where you can put your modular home, and one of our home specialists at any of our locations across western Canada would be more than happy to discuss, and explain those options with you. However, today we are just going to discuss one great option, and those are manufactured home parks.


Modular home parks are a great option for families, as they are lively communities with parks, and amenities in safe neighborhoods.  It is simple and easy to move your chosen home into one of these parks, as the services like plumbing, and electricity are already there. The other exciting thing about these parks is that we are partners with some of them, which makes moving in that much easier, and the cost even more affordable, plus we can direct you to the one that would suit your family! Our sales teams are very familiar with the local parks and communities, contact one of our sales people to find out which quality parks are nearest you!


If you’d like to view more community options out there we have a great communities page on our website for you to use, that you can see here.